History of Aberystwyth


Holy Roman Drunk

Wenceslaus of Bohemia, the Holy Roman Emperor, is deposed for drunkenness and incompetence. He refuses to accept the decision and manages to hang onto the imperial crown for another 10 years.




Owain Glyndwr laid siege to Aberystwyth Castle but only managed to burn the town.


French Support

Owain Glyndwr returns to besiege the castle with the aid of France.
His troops are garrisoned at Plas Crûg.



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Castle Captured by Owain IV of Wales

Owain summoned a Parliament at Machynlleth and had himself crowned 'Owain IV of Wales'
Envoys from France, Scotland and Castile promise to help the Welsh independence movement.
Owain Glyndwr captures Aberystwyth Castle.


Troops for Treaty

French troops land in Wales in order to help Owain Glyndwr.
Charles VI of France seals treaty with Owain Glyndwr at Aberystwyth Castle.


Black Death

Black Death kills thousands in London.

Don't Shoot he Messenger

Prince Henry (Later Henry V) besieges the castle and experiments with the use of cannon. The cannon, nicknamed 'Messagere' (The Messenger), was cast is bronze, weighed 4480lbs (2032kg) and threw shot of 30 lbs (13.5kg), however as the art of bronze casting cannon wasn't yet perfected in Britain, this cannon burst and the siege failed.



Prince Henry captures Aberystwyth Castle from which time it remained under English control.


October 25: Agincourt

Battle of Agincourt where an English army defeats the French. One excuse for the battle was as revenge for French support for Owain Glyndwr
Over the next 4 years Henry V of England takes over Normandy

French Prisoners

Henry V uses Aberystwyth Castle to hold French prisoners captured at Agincourt.


Henry of France and England

Henry V of England enters Paris and rules both France and England. He's made peace with the Duke of Burgundy and married the daughter of Charles VI of France.


Monks Goaled

John ap Rhys, the Abbot of Aberconway, raids Strata Florida Abbey. After looting the place he gaols some of the monks at Aberystwyth Castle.


China hides

China ends overseas exploration and remains isolated for several centuries


Moveable Type

Dutch printers use moveable type.


French Paris

Charles VII of France takes Paris from the English.



Dracula, the 13 year old son of the Wallachian Prince Dracul is taken hostage by the Ottoman Sultan Murad II.



Dracula escapes and assumes his fathers throne. Realising that he is unsafe, he abdicates after just a few months and travels to Moldavia and Transylvania.


Slaves, Zimbabwe

The kingdom of Great Zimbabwe starts to disintegrate
Pope Nicholas 'authorizes' the Portuguese to take any non-Christians in Africa as slaves. Over the next 450 years 20 million will be taken.


May 29: Constantinople

Ottoman Empire captures Constantinople bringing to the end the Byzantine era and the Roman Empire (Turkey)


No Football, No Golf

King James II of Scotland bans golf and football because they obstructed the practice of archery


March 4: Edward IV

Edward IV becomes King of England



August 10: Henry Tudor

Returning from exile in Brittany, Henry Tudor landed in Pembrokeshire on the 7th of August. Being ¼ Welsh and from a popular Anglesey family that hand once supported Owain Glyndewr, he moved North up the coast recruiting for his attempt on the throne of England. He reached Aberystwyth on the 10th of August and Machynlleth on the 11th where he turned East and headed to Shrewsbury and then on to Bosworth

August 22: Henry VII

After victory at the Battle of Bosworth Henry took the crown and became Henry VII King of England and Lord of Ireland